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  • 联合麦城各界华人力量, 为麦城华人提供一个交流信息,互通有无, 竭诚帮助的场所。
  • 促使麦城各华人社团更好地与各级政府部门, 与其他各文化社团和组织合作交流,更多地参于麦城的社会,政治和文化活动, 进一步提高华人的社会地位。
  • 弘扬中华优秀文化, 协助中外人文交流。
  • 帮助当地华人更好地融入主流社会。

Madison Area Chinese Community Organization (MACCO) is organized exclusively for pleasure, recreation, and other similar nonprofitable purposes, and more specifically to promote the communication of Chinese community to other organizations around city of Madison area, and to develop cultural, educational, recreational programs to enhance the quality life of the Chinese community. To this end, MACCO shall at all times be operated exclusively for charitable, educational, cultural, social and diversity purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to said purposes.


  1. To provide a forums for discussions concerning the welfare and the future of the Madison area Chinese community.
  2. To facilitate communications between the Madison area Chinese community and the other communities.
  3. To promote cultural, educational, and business exchanges between China and the city of Madison, and to enhance the understanding and friendship between the American and Chinese people.
  4. To enhance educational, cultural, economic and recreational programs to improve the quality of life of the Chinese community.


MACCO board provides guidance and future directions of the Organization.

The Board shall form Operational Committees to carry on its function. Operational Committee Under the  Board, there shall be the following operational committees:

  • Program Committee: The committee assist in planning and carrying on special programs for the Organization.
  • Membership Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for membership recruitment and the management of the Organization’s web site, e-mail server, and newsletters.
  • Public Relation Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for the management of all public affairs of the Organization such as legislative liaison, communications with local government officers, other community and organization leaders, and the media. The Committee is also responsible for planning and engaging cultural, business and educational exchanges with China.
  • Finance Committee: This Committee shall plan for the annual budget and manage funds and investments.
  • Education Committee. The committee shall be Responsible for organizing extracurricular programs for Chinese children and for educational activities within Chinese community.
  • Culture/Recreation Committee: This Committee shall be responsible for organizing cultural, recreational, and sports  activities. The Board member shall serve as the chairperson of this Committee.
  • IT Committee:  This committee is responsible for maintaining MACCO’s website, group mailing list,  creation and publication of any eCommunications.

Contact us at info@madisonchinese.org

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